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AMP Swagg is a fan shop composed of merchandise designs inspired by AMP, AMPERAFlexa Network, and crypto. The art is designed in Hawai'i by artist OJ3D, an AMP fanatic and a firm believer in AMP's game-changing collateral technology. Crypto mass adoption is just beginning, and digital payments powered by blockchain will play a critical role in the Global Payments ecosystem & DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

AMP is the first collateral token to facilitate fast, safe, and fraud proof merchant transactions on a truly decentralized network built from the ground up; no other platform does this. AMP serves both as a Utility and Governance token, a rare feat in DeFi.

Uses cases such as the AMPERA Foundation and Protocol, and The Flexa Network. AMP serves as the governance token for the AMPERA Foundation, a foundation aimed at developing DeFI products & harnessing the powering of AMP. The AMPERA protocol is a collateral manager to facilitate secure transactions of/with ANY digital asset for a multitude of use cases. The Flexa Network utilizes AMP as collateral to process fraud-proof digital payments of any asset (fiat, crypto, rewards, credit, etc.) at ultra-low fees. All while merchants can continue to grow their business and keep more of their bottom-line. 

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